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07 November 2010 @ 09:53 pm
On Friday, we went to go and see The Essentials for the first time since Joon left and they got a new member (a female! wut!). It was still really good, but it was obvious that she's still a little tentative of her place on the stage, in terms of the silliness and improv.

We snagged front row seats and chair danced in sync, which got two mentions of "there's some great chair dancing going on at the front here" during the show.

The girl they brought up for the AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION TIME ("my favourite time") was sooo adorable and hyper and thrilled to be up there. She looked so stunned and excited and they said she was made of coffee. Close to the end, they asked "how old are you anyway?" to which she replied "16" and they were a little omg. But it was adorable none the less. I saw her mouth "this is the best day ever".

Afterwards turned to talk of "let's lick his face", "it's all about the down", and "no, you'd go first."

Great music. <3
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28 September 2010 @ 11:27 am

(scandal is hidden, muahaha)
10 June 2010 @ 09:28 am
Whaddya know, Sylvan is on his way to an interview. GO SYLVAN GO!! (In a suit, no less!)

(I'm so proud of him ♥)
14 April 2010 @ 03:52 pm
I am terrified of fuckup. This becomes evident in everything I do. It's why I'm shy. It's why I'm awkward. It's why I think I'm terrible at everything. And it's really obvious when I *do* fuck up, because I feel terrible for the next n units of time (fluctuates depending on severity of fuckup).

Friendship boundaries are an easy place to fuck up. And escaping from said fuckup is difficult. Honesty helps, but it does take a while to get back the comfort that led to fuckup.

If I was a better writer/cared more, this would be a much more awesome post.
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07 April 2010 @ 08:51 pm
The fun adventure in the park with Michael, Sin, and Steve
Last Thursday, after coming back from the university, Nick, Sylvan, and I wandered out to Victoria Park to take advantage of the warm weather and to be happy. We sat by the clock tower and traded massages and talked about life. Then, this guy came by and we talked to him. He put down the bags he was carrying and rested a while. His name was Michael, and he lives in the same place as MJB (I think). He told us how he's all about meeting people, so when some other people came to the clock tower, he walked over and said "hi, I just came over to meet you." We followed him after a few minutes, and met Sin (I may have her name spelled wrong, I mean you never know) and Steve. They were high on something, but they were Beautiful People (in the good way; not the typical, high-school sort of way). Sin put a flower in the pond and said "now the pond won't be lonely." We went back after they all left being very happy.

epic love triangle of epicness
So without naming names, I am involved in an epic love triangle of epicness. Especially because we all hang out. Separately and together. And we have all talked about the awkwardness, and are trying to make it as awkwardless as possible. It's pretty hilarious. One interesting and important thing we've decided is that none of this would have happened if any of this hadn't have happened. (The actual wording we used was "none of this would have happened if none of this had happened" but I think this version makes more sense.) Because I am now very close with both of them, probably more so than would have happened naturally.

Mentallo & the Fixer!
This is my new favourite band of today! These are my favourite songs thus far....
(Basically all of Burnt Beyond Recognition, but specifically:)
--Mother of Harlots

--Virtually Hopeless

People maps are awesome. I should draw a map of all my interactions. =D

I have been convinced as to the awesomeness of Skype. Soon, very soon, I will get an account.
You can find me here:: CRAFT NIGHT!
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Inside my mind:: Mentallo & the Fixer
FASS was amazing. Really emphasized how I want to be a performer.

Got into the AcaBellas (female UW a cappella group).

Singing all the time! So much singing! I love singing. And dancing.

Had everything challenged in my head.

More boys to crush on.

Epic parties.

Twin Peaks.

(yes, the points are getting briefer)
18 December 2009 @ 07:52 pm
I have an emotional attachment to anything that ever passes through my life. People, events, emails, clutter, books, devices, layouts, dances, songs, etc.

And I am *terrified* of letting any of it go. To the extent that it causes physical discomfort to realize I have to get rid of something, to realize I forgot to save something, to realize I can't remember someone's name or forgot to get their email address.

I was reading a book I bought (with the intent to re-gift) about getting rid of clutter. (aside: this very sentence makes me feel like my mother. Oh dear) One of the things mentioned was about the crossing point between you owning your belongings and your belongings owning you. To me, it's fairly obvious where I am being owned.

The author also made the comment that, if something is so worth keeping, why is it being hidden away, out of sight (and therefore out of mind)? Anything worth keeping should be honoured and displayed. I agree with this, but at the same time, I am finding it difficult to figure out what that means to me; I want to honour everything. Not only is that not feasible, but it's totally unnecessary. All things were not made equal, and some events and items and people that pass through our lives are not meant to stay longer than the time they were actively there. The Internet encourages this stretch by making it easier for people to stay in touch. But let's be realistic: isn't it more important to spend quality time with those we care about deeply than to spend all day catching up on minute details of people we haven't seen or heard from in years?
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16 December 2009 @ 01:42 pm
I should make a list of things to do before I get around to bearing children.

On this list so far is travel to Europe, which is scheduled to end in conception. (And practical things, like researching pregnancy/birth/etc, which I do lazily already.)

Any suggestions?
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10 December 2009 @ 10:19 am
I was going to post this on Tuesday, since it's a product of being bored during a meeting, but, here it is....

playing with wordsCollapse )

Anyone else? Thoughts? :D
07 December 2009 @ 04:58 pm
-the people I love (boyfriend, family, friends)
-where I live

Not satisfied:
-my job
-my education
-how I'm spending my time

What to do about it? Well, I'm still working that out.
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