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07 November 2010 @ 09:53 pm
The Essentials!!!  
On Friday, we went to go and see The Essentials for the first time since Joon left and they got a new member (a female! wut!). It was still really good, but it was obvious that she's still a little tentative of her place on the stage, in terms of the silliness and improv.

We snagged front row seats and chair danced in sync, which got two mentions of "there's some great chair dancing going on at the front here" during the show.

The girl they brought up for the AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION TIME ("my favourite time") was sooo adorable and hyper and thrilled to be up there. She looked so stunned and excited and they said she was made of coffee. Close to the end, they asked "how old are you anyway?" to which she replied "16" and they were a little omg. But it was adorable none the less. I saw her mouth "this is the best day ever".

Afterwards turned to talk of "let's lick his face", "it's all about the down", and "no, you'd go first."

Great music. <3
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