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21 May 1987
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I'm a Mathie at University of Waterloo. Yeehah!

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proud player of the bisectional, multy-talented, most esteemed f-horn.

13-hour clocks, 130 king st n, 60s, 6teen, 70s, 80s, aerosmith, animals, babies, back to the future, barn owls, billy boyd, bollywood/hollywood, boy meets boy, canada, ceilis, cheese, chemistry, christianity, circuits, clubby music, co-ed bathrooms, colours, computer science, construction sites, continuity, count your sheep, crazy engine-room-type walkways, creative arts, cuddles, dance, dance cruises, danny elfman, david bowie, dead like me, design, digimon, doe lake, dominic monaghan, driving, drums, eating with hands, eating without hands, engineering, escalflowne, ethnicity, fantasy, fashion, firefly, flags, food, french, french horn, friendly hostility, fur will fly, gaelic, geeks, god, group sleepovers, guiding, hair, harry potter, high school, his mind kills, hoban washburn, hogwarts_ch, house, inara serra, indie music, irish dance, jack sparrow, jareth, jayne cobb, jesus, johnny depp, kaylee frye, kett turton, labyrinth, lost, lotr, making fiends, malcolm reynolds, math, michael jackson, moony, movies, msn, music, music trips, musicals, nerds, oac guys, padfoot, padrongs, people-watching, plane food, plants, potc, public transit, ragetti/pintel, rahul, ravenclaw, regenesis, religion, remus lupin, river tam, road signs, rockband, sexsi!elijah, shepard book, ships, shoebox_project, simon tam, sirius black, sitting in random places, sleeping in motion, spiralstaircases, sporatic adventures, stairs, stone, strawberry lipgloss, taichi yagami/kamiya, taking the subway, tap, the feeling of painting, the underground, theatre, tim burton, twisted stories, university of waterloo, webcomics, ziggy stardust, zoe warren-washburne

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